Photo Friday: Winter Garden

I’ve been slack. I haven’t touched the garden for months. Silly excuses – like no energy and being unwell. ha!

A glorious sunny day enticed me out to the back verandah for a cup of tea. I was mortified by what I found there!

Backyard_before_copyright2016KarenCarlisleIt is terrifying how fast the grass takes over (I’m certain it’s an alien!). This horrific scene goaded me into (albeit short-lived) action.

First: mow that lawn. My Dearheart did that for me. Bless him.mowing

After some hand-weeding, I found some unexpected winter colour and managed to snap some photos before I destroyed a fingernal and collapsed in a heap.

  The Perils of Rose Pruning1308 DSC_9500

  letterboxsucculents_dopyright2016KarenCarlisle SUcculentFlower_copyright2016KarenCarlisle

I even have some pods on my Camellia sinensis – perhaps I can grow some more and fulfil my plans to make my own tea?



Photos:©2016 Karen J Carlisle.
All Rights Reserved.

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