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Doctor Jack & Other Tales Journal #1:paperback compilation ebook #1 and #2

‘Set in London during Jack the Ripper era it’s nicely put together. I don’t always have the historical details in my head but Carlisle does and I trust her. I follow her author page on Facebook and I know she researches things to the nth degree. So I look at some of the history within these pages and I know it’s accurate….’

‘I also like Carlisle’s hero, or heroine if you wish to be pedantic. It’s lovely to have a female protagonist who isn’t afraid of things, one who follows her instinct, who gets into the potentially dangerous situations and only sometimes needs someone to pull her out of trouble.’
-Suzie Eisfelder

The full review is at Suzie’s blog, Suz’s Space.

Note: this book has been republished with updated title.

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