Photo Friday: Visuals- Book Trailer & eBook Cover Reveals

Good morning everyone,

I’ve been busy this week, using the images from last week’s photo shoot. And here’s the covers reveal for The Illusioneer & Other Tales. This set of adventures has three eBooks, one for each story (each over 10K words). From the Depths and Tomorrow, When I Die will be available in August. The Illusioneer will be available in September.


And the book trailer…

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3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Visuals- Book Trailer & eBook Cover Reveals”

  1. Hi, Karen. Some more excellent work here; you need to be careful with that. People will start to expect it! I shared this as my Off-Site Site of the Day on my page. Hopefully it will bring over a little more traffic. Anyone reading this can take it from me, these books are awesome! Start the series today, and you’ll be ready for the new releases when they land.

    Best of luck with these, Karen. They deserve to be read!

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