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Denizens of Steam.

Here’s an extra treat for Halloween – an extra post and a eBook mini anthology of steampunk flash fiction , featuring my latest flash fiction, Right on Time – for free.

It all started with a tea party to celebrate the first anniversary of Scribblers’ Den, a group of steampunk writers on the forum, Steampunk Empire. I love this group; the members are supportive and just a bit cheeky. Our founder and enabler, Jack Tyler, has also set up the Empire Booksellers with links to publications featuring works by members of Scribblers’ Den (or Denizens as we call ourselves).

Part of the celebration was an invitation for members to write – resulting in a variety of flash fiction steampunk stories. These tales have now been published in a short eBook anthology, Denizens of Steam.

denizens of steam cover anthology shorts SMALL1_2015

Like the title? It’s mine. Like the cover? That was designed by Katie Alford.  Featured writers include: Steve Moore, N.O.A. Rawle, David Lee Summers, C.L. Zeitstück, Katie Alford, William J. Jackson, Bryce Raffle, Alice E. Keyes, Albrecht von Saarbruchen, Jenny Jobe, J.P. Paradise (and me). The foreword was written by Scribblers’ Den founder, Jack Tyler.

Follow the link to secure your very own (free) eBook copy of Denizens of Steam.

Happy Halloween.

The State of Affairs.

Why is it that the last few months of the year seem to be the busiest? And that’s not contemplating Christmas shopping. Not only have I been soul-searching and kicking myself up the butt this week, but I have also found a new burst of enthusiasm. The daily task of producing a new piece of artwork has notched my creative brain up a gear.  Over the past week I have:

  • ordered some new bookmarks (giveaways for Supanova – mid November) They should arrive next week
  • almost finished another octoarm scarf for this weekend’s Adelaide Mini Comic Con
  • packed up my books and bits to sell this weekend
  • helped my daughter to finish off a costume
  • proof read an ebook short story anthology (more on that in a later post)…
  • finalised the theme for an event (like a mini gallery) to showcase my books and artwork in Mad March next year (more when things are confirmed)
  • started a new set of inks to  sell at said event
  • Set to work and almost completed the cover for The Department of Curiosities
  • and finished another chapter in the same manuscript first draft.

And just when I get back into the heads of The Department’s characters, NaNoWriMo looms: 50000 words on a new project, in one month. Thirty days. That’s 1666 words a day, if I don’t take break days. I have started outlining (that sounds like a planning thing! This pantser is slowly learning) a new set of adventures for Viola Stewart.

Last year I completed over 27000 words – over half the 50000 word target. My record is 33000 words in one month (without any pre-preparation). The first journal of Viola’s adventures was approximately 44000 words. This is my goal – to get the first draft down for journal two.

MagicLantern-sit still sir_copyright2015_KarenJCarlisle

Inktober has been great for me – a very welcome, but unexpected, boost of creativity and enthusiasm. I just hope I can keep up the pace for next month: NaNoWriMo, a mini convention and my first booth at Supanova. Come and find me in The Alley. Just look for the posters. I’ll be the one writing furiously.

lp (1) lp preview

Doctor Jack is Coming to a Mini Con Near You!

Convention season is looming. Now there is a local event showcasing work by local writers, illustrators, creators. The Adelaide Mini Comic Convention is run by DarkOz comics. It will be held at the Flinders St Markets on Saturday 31st October and Sunday 1st November. It is part of our series of special themed event markets held at Flinders St Markets.

As it is being held over the Halloween weekend, costumes are encouraged. There will be awards, costume competitions (Best dressed stall holder and best dressed guest), workshops, demonstrations and photobooth. I will be in steampunk garb, of course!


5 slider MUGS badges_2015_orig artwork_copyright_2015_KarenCarlisle

Check out my events page for more information of where and when I will be out and about.