Photo Friday: It’s Covered.

I took a trip down memory lane this week: #Whoviansau (ABC2) did a shout out for Doctor Who art. I delved into my fanzine collection and found these covers I had done for Blacklight (Gallifrey Doctor Who Appreciation Society fanzine), circa 1994. Breathing in all that dust was not a good idea. Hello sinus infection and bronchitis. Ugh. On a more positive note, I found a replacement dress dummy at Salvos (a fraction of the cost of a new one).


I am soldiering on with my writing (more on that in Sunday's post). I have a deadline looming and I can't disappoint you, Dear Reader. This week I've been wrangling convoluted timelines... Thank goodness for whiteboards. And here's a sneak preview of one of the elements planned for the cover of The Illusionist & Other Tales: Journal #3.

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The Adventures of Viola Stewart: Book Cover Reveal

Good morning, dear Readers.

Last week I officially announced I am self publishing the first instalments of The Adventures of Viola Stewart as short stories and novella. I am looking forward to the challenge. The finishing touches are sorted. Now I am ready for the first big reveal.

The plan: Dip my toe in the Amazon pond and learn the processes with the first short stories ebook, introducing Viola Stewart - independent Oculist (optician/optometrist) who has a penchant for detectiving (her word for investigating) . I will follow up with the novella, Doctor Jack, in a month or so. I hope to combine both, as paperback, later in the year.

The Adventures of Viola Stewart: Three Shorts, includes:
  • Day of the Dirigible It is a big day. Viola has a day off school. She gets a train ride AND to see her first dirigible landing! Who is this mysterious stranger who has confiscated her toy and why does he want it so badly?
  • An Eye for Detail (a reworking of the original short story, shortlisted in The Australian Literature Review’s Murder-Mystery Short Story Competition, June 2013.) When Viola’s husband died, she had no wish to wear mourning for the rest of her days. Defying convention, she becomes an Oculist to London society. But peril lurks in the gaslit streets. When a murder victim is found on her doorstep, Viola is drawn into intrigue – discovering a secret she may take to the grave.
  • The Magic Lantern. Dr Viola Stewart and Dr John Collins are back. Lord and Lady Hearst have disappeared! While enjoying the latest entertainment – The Magic Lantern Show – the two doctors uncover another nefarious plot. Viola is determined to join in the investigation. Why should the men have all the fun? (Approx. 7000 words in total)
I wrote about the my first photoshoot in My Plans are  afootSince then I have been having a ball with the art side of this project. I did have to negotiate a new programme to create the cover and flyer. (not so keen on the computer-y stuff as regular readers will know). But it was worth it. I am happy with the final result. And now for the cover reveal! ... ... ... ... ... TheAdventuresofViolaStewart_shorts_copyright_KarenJCarlisle_2015 A bit of background information, for those who like to dissect things: All original photographs were taken on trips to Gawler and at local photo shoots around Adelaide. We are very fortunate to have many  existing buildings and houses, built from the 1840s onward. Here is a quick rundown on how I created the cover - all the layers. ModelZena_copyrightKarenCarlisle_2015COverProcess1_copyrightKarenCarlisle_2015 COverProcess2_copyrightKarenCarlisle_2015 Bground_Gawler_copyrightKarenCarlisle_2010 COverProcess3_copyrightKarenCarlisle_2015  FinalCoverAdventuresViolaStewartShorts_1_copyrightKarenCarlisle_2015 And wait, there is more! I am finishing up my first book trailer, and will be revealing it in the next few weeks. Here are a few snaps from the trailer... and a few hints. BT_1_filmsequence4_KarenCarlisle_2015 CollinsMagicLantern_copyrightKarenCarlisle_2015 You can follow Viola's adventures at and sign up for my  newsletter,  Tea and Tidings, for more information (out on 20th of the month) - via Mailchimp.  There is also a  specific Facebook page for the series: Doctor Jack and The Adventures of Viola Stewart

All characters and images (c)Karen Carlisle 2015. All rights reserved. (Cover - corner cogs: thank you to (c)  Spiral-Out at Deviant Art .)