Camp NaNoWriMo: Mischief Managed.

April is Camp NaNoWriMo. (more info here for those who don't know what it is). This time I set a goal of 20K words - to finish off three Viola Stewart shorts, make a dent in the novella, Eye of the Beholder, Finish a short story for a steampunk anthology and do some rewrites.

First drafts of the shorts are completed. The novella has only four scenes left to go. I managed a blog posts, short story challenge, Boys and Bones, and All That Glitters was submitted for the anthology. I made my 20K goal (add another 5000 words if you count the research notes I made - yep, procrasti-research struck again!)

What a month! Here it is in pictures:

Fom the beginning...

CNaNo1604 day2  onfire_copyright2016KarenCarlisle

Working on the novella and comments on blog posts:

novella_copyright2016KarenCarlisle  blog comment_copyright2016KarenCarlisle

Finishing up the short stories:

 shorts_copyright2016KarenCarlisle teacalm_copyright2016KarenCarlisle

Procrasti-research and tea:


And the results are:

april camp stats


Project Stats graphs and winner badges ©2016 NaNoWriMo.

All other photos:©2016 Karen J Carlisle. All Rights Reserved.

It’s Camp NaNoWriMo Time!

Regular readers will know I use NaNoWriMo as one of my procrastination busters. It provides a clear goal - with a set word count time and a time limit.  Most importantly it is a public pledge/announcement of my intentions. It's the public bit that spurs me on. It's like a promise: If I don't at least attempt to make my goal you will know. If I fail, I've broken that promise.

Traditionally NaNoWriMo is held over November - thirty days to aim for 50,000 words. It is a big undertaking. One I have not made yet (though I have managed to reach my personal best of over 27,000 words).

Camp NaNoWriMo is a more relaxed affair. You choose your own word limit, even revision of previously written work. My best was 33,792 in April last year. This gave me the boost to complete Doctor Jack & Other Tales. This year is my final push to complete Eye of the Beholder & Other Tales. This year my cabin partner is one of my writing group friends, Gemma.

CNaNo1604 day2

What it means for you:

As a writer: If you are a writer and haven't tried NaNo, then give it a go. It could be the boost, the procrastination buster, the push you need. You may meet some kindred spirits. (You can join a 'cabin' - a group of writers who support and spur each other on.) Camp NaNo is a good place to start. You choose your commitment level. You can start low or aim for the skies. Just roll with it. Have fun.

But it's not for everyone. You either work well to deadlines or you don't. I hate to fail (which is a failing in itself), so Camp NaNo monopolises on that strength (or it is weakness). I pick a stretch goal (20,000 this time, as it's already been a tough year emotionally and this should finish off my set project and start me on my next one). It is up to me to suck it up and do the work.

As a reader: What I hear most from my readers is 'when is the next Viola book coming out?' Camp NaNoWriMo is my final push. I finish that book. It gets published. You get to read it. Kicking me in the butt gets you more adventures with your favourite characters and you get to meet new characters. Simple really.

Here is your chance to see how Viola is faring. I’ll post occasional updates here but if you want to follow my daily progress first hand, you can find me here.

Obligatory End of Year 2015 Post

My social media feeds are full of the obligatory end-of-year-round-up posts.

Regular readers will have read what I have done through the year (here is a list of events I have attended). The best part was meeting some of you at these events. Thank you for your support, your comments. I really appreciate you taking your time to give me feedback and tell me how much you liked Doctor Jack. (Squee!)

And yes - I am working on Journal #2 of Viola's adventures right now! Newsletter subscribers have had already sneak preview of the first scene. (You can sign up here for Tea & Tidings -monthly newsletter if you want some exclusives and scoops.)

Some of you may have noticed I now have a Work-in-progress bar, for both Eye of the Beholder and The Department of Curiosities, on my website. Now you can check their progress. (It also gives me a kick in the butt to get moving). workinprogressWEBSITEbar2015

As a thank you, here's an end of year present for you:

The blurb and a hint for the upcoming cover:

COVER BACK HINT 1511 Eye of Beholder and OTher tales Icon OPTION 2 with blurb version 1

I will be sharing my plans for 2016 in upcoming posts.

Thank you for following my travails throughout the year. I hope you all had a pleasant Christmas holiday and enjoy what the new year brings.