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Photo Friday: New Covers and Events

It’s all happening. My plan cannot fail – as long as file submissions go through without a hitch and parcels don’t get lost in the mail (my first book had a two week holiday in Hawaii before the post finally decided to move along). Sigh.

I celebrated finishing up my manuscript with sticky bun and tea. Then celebrated again (with my fantastic editor, Sharon) the next day. Chocolate cake, of course!




What is the plan?
In the grand tradition of villian monologues, I shall spill it: the second Journal will be published as two separate eBooks and a paperback (complete)

  • eBook #1: The Adventures of Viola Stewart #3: Three More Short Stories
    published July 
  • eBook #2: The Adventures of Viola Stewart #4: Eye of the Beholder
    to be published late August
  • Eye of the Beholder & Other Tales: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #2
    pre-book launch 11th September,
    official book launch 17/18th September.

And here’s the official cover reveal for Eye of the Beholder eBook (#4) – Mummies. Curses. Madness…?


And the cover for the paperback, Eye of the Beholder & Other Tales: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #2:

COVER Eye of Beholder flipped option 2 SM CENTERED TITLE


And some giveaway bookmarks:


There’s also a new event in my calendar: Halloween Comic Con. What better way to celebrate than with Jack the Ripper and cursed mummies?

banner Halloween Comic con_990_350


The Power of Words

It’s been a fantastic week. A little rain for the garden. Some sunny days for my enjoyment. No significant pain. I finally feel like I have shaken off the effects of the anaesthetic. I’ve rewritten and edited scenes and almost caught up on the months lost to pre-surgery health hiccups…

The final words loomed. I just had to type them. Just two words.

A wave of relief swept over me. It’s done. My fingers hovered over the keyboard. Twitch. I hesitated.

A voice niggled at the back of my brain. Months of research, a year of writing, rewrites, editing, chasing up translations… With two words my story, and my beloved characters, would no longer be my own. They would belong to the world. To my readers. I had bared my soul. What if I could do better? What if they were rejected?

What if…?

Have you ever had one of those anxiety dreams? You know, like the one where life is fantastic – right up until you find yourself standing stark naked, transported suddenly into a crowded room and suddenly every single person turns and stares at you?
And there’s nowhere to hide.

My fingers trembled.

And the penny dropped.  There was one thing more terrifying than baring my soul and risking rejection: facing a blank page.

My heart sank. What if I can’t come up with another story? What if this was it? The… <gulp> …end?

Another voice whispered in my ear:

Fear is the enemy.
I can’t let it define me.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I had to turn the fear into courage or I would never succeed. I had to finish my story. I had to face the next blank page and new possibilities.

I took a deep breath and pressed the keys: T-H-E E-N-D.


Photo Friday: Renaissance Fencing

If you like Renaissance fencing, check out Andrew Kenner’s latest edition of his book, I33: Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript. The second edition (with revisions and corrections) is now available in both a black and white paperback version and a colour hard cover version. The first edition was published in 2014. 

Andrew Kenner is a historical re-enactor and an accomplished renaissance rapier fighter, interested in historical fighting styles. In 2013, he decided to write a book.

Andrew studied the original Walpurgis Manual (MS I.33), a German fencing manual dating back to the 1320s. The original is currently held at the Leeds Royal Armoury. He spent months recreating the style and wrote a manual, with diagrams and photographs, to explain his findings.

I attended the photoshoot for the book and was commissioned to do the artwork.


  gawler church round window13 02  gawler church cathy and steve13 02

   gawler church window13 02  gawler church door photo13 02

gawler william 1302

Research and Final Artwork

research working

   Ch1 Ch3 Ch4 Ch6

The Published Book

 DSC_3824 book

You can find Andrew’s author page at LuLu (now available in hardcover). The first edition (2014) is currently available as paperback, via Amazon.

Photos and artwork (c) 2016 Karen Carlisle.
All rights reserved.