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Photo Friday Update

Last Sunday I posted this: Time for Some Changes.

For those of you who missed it, there will be changes to my post scheduling. The post explains the reasons behind my decision; please take some time to read the post.
This is what it means to you, Dear Reader:

Currently I write two blog posts a week: Photo Fridays and a weekly Sunday blog post. I’ll be cutting back to one Sunday blog post a month (there may be occasional bonuses depending on how I’m going) and I’ll post at least one Photo Friday a month. You can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter for updates, events and sneak peeks of upcoming stories. The time gained will be channeled into writing stories – both short and a new book – for you, Dear Reader.

Rescheduling starts next month. If you subscribe to  blog updates (on the right widget bar), you will get email updates when each post is published on this webpage.

Here’s some pics from this week:

  • Art/Photography: A friend returning from the UK, bought me this dinky little octopus by artist, Heidi Sturgess.
  • Garden: More irises are blooming and there’s hundreds of orange blossoms on our tree.

  • Writing/Reading: I’m plugging along with rewrites to finish The Illusioneer.
  • Other little Green Men:  We survived another D&D game, but the world is ending… yet again.

Photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

Photo Friday:

Books:  This week has been about books and new beginnings. Another book arrived via post (What Matters in Jane Austen) to add to my research library. Then off to an antiquarian book sale for some goodies.


My oldest books are now dated 1821- two volumes of translated Don Quixote.

Home: I’ve updated my hair – more purple – and finally started putting up displays for the first of our (six) lightsabres.


Doctor Who: Then off to a local comic and toy fare. I managed to get a Doctor Hoof! Back home and I’ve sewn on my patches for my ‘Bill denim jacket’. Just waiting on one more patch to arrive for the front set.


Photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

Photo Friday: Week 3 #Tea September

This week’s #tea September photos:

Day 15: My new favourite tea set. I got the teapot as an anniversary present.

Day 16: Anzac bikkies made by my friend, Cheryl. Oh they are yummy!

Day 17: Tim Tam Slam…

Day 18: Some eye candy…

Day 19: My first non-generic tea ball. This started off my collection.

Day 20: Guess where Viola is right now?

Day 21: Another opshop find. The tea was a present.

Photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.