Short Stories: Published / Online

Shorter Works – Anthologies, Features, Competitions:

  • denizens of steam cover anthology shorts SMALL1_2015denofantiquitycoversmallWith a Twist of the Nib. Short story collection – fantasy, science fiction and steampunk. ISBN: 9781370610525
  • All That Glitters. Short story featured in anthology, Den of Antiquity, 2016. ISBN: 978-0995276727 Proceeds go to Red Cross.
  • Hunted. (short story, featured in A Trail of Tales exhibition – part of The Adelaide Fringe). 2016
  • Flash fiction, Right on Time, featured in the short story anthology, Denizens of Steam. 2015. ISBN: 9781311741042
  • An Eye for Detail (Australian Literature Review, June 2013. Shortlisted.)

Shorter Works – Online:

This list comprises Short Stories, Flash Fiction (under 1000 words) and Micofiction (under 300 words) published online.


Story Line Battles:

(For fun and great for writers block busting: I write a line or two, then my cohort does etc.)

  • Kitty Vs the Zombies (escaping zombies with Alonya Cullinan (A) as my partner in prose)
  • Neville the Frog. (a love story with Alonya Cullinan (A) as my partner in prose)
  • Moving Day (Moving day can be stressful when it is unexpected. – Fantasy with Alonya Cullinan (A) as my partner in prose.)

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