Photo Friday: Always and Forever

This week my Dearheart and I celebrated our seventeenth wedding anniversary. I often joke he's 'the bestest husband I ever had' (quote from: So I Married an Axe Murderer). But he is. Yes, we bicker. Yes, we can both be annoying. Yes, it gets exasperating. But...

Every time I have fallen, he's been there to pick me up. He supported me when, in the depths of anxiety, I quit my long-term career as 'your health is more important than the job'. He supports my writing and encourages me to go on when I tear my hair out and the black dog starts up his lies. He drove me around and picked up all the things I dropped when recovering from surgery and was incapable of so many things.

At conventions and events, he helps lug around the heavy stuff, so I don't stuff up my back. He assists in costume making (rivetting and leather cutting - as my wrists can't handle that anymore) and has been my go-to male model in so many photographic projects. (And wears the costumes very well, I might add.)

dave and me Us_Bob_Worn_Rustic

We share the love of steampunk, science fiction, fantasy, costuming and historical re-enactment - and, of course, Doctor Who!

He smiles sweetly when I frolic in the rain or decide, on a whim, the garden needs specific landscaping (he lugs the rocks, I do the rest). He doesn't complain about the lack of weeding due to book deadlines or recovery times.

He buys me cool lego, feeds my book addiction and backs my characters up in D&D games.


He stays up til almost 2am, helping me with a wayward computer program as I wrangle typos in an attempt to finalise text and cover files for printing...

And here it is:


Happy anniversary to my Sweetie. You are loved. Always and forever.


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The “I-was-going-to-do-a-post-on-Chocolate-but-this-happened…” Post

Friday I received a message. Out of the blue. The Adventures of Viola Stewart had been nominated in the mystery section of the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards.

nomination message

Wow! Someone nominated my book for an award. I must admit I hadn't heard of Metamorph Publishing before, so I did an internet reckie.

Metamorph Publishing is a small indie publisher in Southeast Missouri.They boast an array of books, including speculative fiction. They have an in-house editor and cover designer. Their website has author interviews and giveaways. They are a proud member of #IndieBooksBeSeen and the Author Promo Co-op.

About the Awards: “Nominations will be accepted from any indie or small-press author, regardless of their current published or non-published state, or what genre they write in."

Nominations, from readers and authors, were open from January, 2016 and closed on 16th August. Voting will begin on September 1st and end on September 10th. (I'll blog more details about the voting when  they are posted or you can follow their posts on the SIBA Facebook event page.)

Some of the categories include: Anthology, Diversity, Dystopian, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Novella/Short Story, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller and Young Adult.


I know it's not a nomination for a big award, like a Ditmar, a Nebula, a Hugo or Aurealis Award, the Prime Minister's Literary Award or the Man Booker Prize, but it is my first nomination. Ever. Someone has taken the time to fill out a form (with my name and book details!) and send it off for consideration. That's a big thing. I have no idea who you are (or if there was more than one of you) but let me just say this: I appreciate it.

Whether I win the category or remain a nominee, the point is you enjoyed Viola's adventures enough to nominate. And I want to thank you publicly.

To the wonderful reader who nominated me: Thank you.