Karen J Carlisle has released her first series set in her 19th century steampunk fantasy world.

The Adventures of Viola Stewart:
A Victorian Steampunk Mystery Series

The Adventures of Viola Stewart follow our heroine, Viola – a widowed optician with a penchant for detectiving – and her friend, Doctor Henry Collins, as they chase secret societies and uncover nefarious plots.

This Victorian mystery series is set in the late 1880s and is steampunk with a darker, gaslamp flavour.

  • The Adventures of Viola Stewart #1: eBook #1:Three Short Stories (tales #1-#3 /eBook mini-collection)
  • The Adventures of Viola Stewart: eBook #2: Doctor Jack (tale #4/ eBook)
  • The Adventures of Viola Stewart Series Journal #1: Doctor Jack and Other Tales (Paperback ed1)
  • Doctor Jack and Other Tales: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Series Journal #1 (ed 2)
    (paperback compilation of Three Short Stories and Doctor Jack)
  • The Adventures of Viola Stewart #3: eBook #3:Three More Short Stories (tales #5-#7 / eBook mini-collection)
  • The Adventures of Viola Stewart #4: eBook #4: Eye of the Beholder (tale #8 / eBook)
  • Eye of the Beholder: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #2:
    (paperback compilation of Three More Short Stories and Eye of the Beholder)
  • The Illusionist & Other Tales: The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #3:
    paperback available from September, 2017. eBooks #5, #6, #7, available from August, 2017.

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The Department of Curiosities:
A Steampunk Adventure Series

Karen is currently writing a second series of books set in her Victorian steampunk world. Set in early to mid 1880s. The story begins 2017-18

For the good of The Empire.

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