Something Personal.

This week has had its ups and downs. Anxiety has a way of skewing one’s view of the world. Sometimes I just need reminding of the wonderful friends and family I have. Thank you all.

Something Personal.

Sometimes the black dog howls. Its lies overwhelm me,

doubt and anxiety take hold.

Self confidence leaks away.

Does anyone know I exist?

I am alone.

I sit in chaos, claustrophobic clutter.

The world constricts me,

consumes me.

Does anyone care?

A blank page stares back, mocking me,

accusing me of failure,

pathetic, useless, unwanted.

Am I fooling myself?

A tinkle of the door bell, a knock rouses me.

An unexpected, smiling face,

Words of friendship, a gift.

A stranger asks how I’m faring,

Am I still writing?

They want to know more.

A house full of well-wishers, of friends and family

Of smiles and hugs, unconditional.

Conversation, music

and most of all,


  • Art/Photography:  I’ve designed the final poster for the Viola Stewart series… It arrived this week. Look for this at events.
  • Costume:  I’ve been helping our daughter make patterns for her current costume project.
  • Writing/Reading: Another scene rewritten, another edited. Then a hiccup – pinched nerve in my arm(but kept going. Taking a break today, to celebrate the anniversary of my arrival into this world.
    PS. I suck at poetry. Apologies.

Other little Green Men:  I have such cool friends. I’m working my way through a mountain of goat’s cheese, dark chocolate and board games. I have  a new tea to taste and the most gorgeous purple orchid brightening up the kitchen.

Words and photography ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

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