Flash Fiction: Fantasy

Enjoying the View

©2017 Karen J Carlisle

Humphrey was a fashionable snail. At least he thought he was. He’d recently taken up residence by the river. He lounged under his brand new red gazebo and surveyed the spectacular view. A wooden sign by the water shaded the yard from the midday sun. A fine crop of broccoli provided an abundant yield for his supper. Ripples glistened on the water. Perfect.

He just couldn’t understand why his friends hadn’t joined him.

Water splashed. He crawled out of the shade and edged toward the water.

So cool. So inviting.

Why had his friends been so concerned? Humphrey, don’t go near the water, they cried.

Humphrey leaned closer and touched the water. It shuddered.

A large eye blinked under the surface.

The piranha licked his lips, flicked his tail and swam away from the bank.


The girls at the pbafm Words Out Loud radio show have a tradition. They randomly choose five words from a book of their guest for the day. The challenge is to write something, using all five words, in just ten minutes.

Contributions get read out on air in the following session. On my visit on the show, the words were from John Malone’s latest book of poetry, Seeing Things.
The words were: red, yield, snail, piranha and Gazebo. They challenged me on the day; this was my contribution.

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