Photo Friday September Tea Party Round up

I like tea. It’s relaxing, refreshing and, fortunately, it soothes my migraines (along with dark chocolate. Hallelujah!) Of course one needs something to drink one’s tea from. Several somethings in fact. A tea cup can set the mood, make the day special.

This month I tweeted a cup from my collection daily. Here are some of my favourites:

 1-tea-deathstar_copyright-2016karencarlisle 9-londonmug_copyright2016karencarlisle 11-teapot-lighthouse_copyright2016karencarlisle 15-purpledotsalone_copyright2016karencarlisle 16-oldfashioned_copyright2016karencarisle 19-yes-i-like-dr-who_copyright2016karencarlisle


 28-reflections_fave_cup_photo_copyright2016karencarlisle 27-sca-camping_photo_copyright2016karencarlisle 23-moustache-cup_photo_copyright2016karencarlisle 17-t2-birthday-present-to-self_copyright2016karencarlisle

You can find all of the photos (this year and last year) on my Pinterest Page.

There’s only one question remaining:
Assam or China?

Photo:©2016 Karen J Carlisle. All Rights Reserved.
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Video © Professor Elemental

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