Oz Comic Con Wrap Up

It’s Monday. I think.

This year’s Adelaide Oz Comic Con is over. Thank you to everyone who stopped by for a chat, bought books (and t-shirts, mugs, badges. And the lucky owner of the red octoscarf). I met up with a few regulars, including Kristian and his family <waves>. It was great to see you again. I missed out getting a photo of your costumes. Too busy chatting. Sigh.

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Artists’ Alley was full of colour and fantasy, showcasing the work of local indie writers and artists. Firebear (local chainmail maker) even sold a chainmail tie to Brent Spiner (congrats!)


Jess Cate and  Jana Hoffmann (of Heart of Millyera comics),  Rosanna Lam and Miranda Richardson talked about producing comics for a female audience.

On Sunday I did a talk on self publishing, with fellow Adelaide independent authors KE (Katie) Fraser, Kylie Leane and Matt Pike. Thanks to everyone attended. It was a fantastic turn out. Some of you even took notes. I’m hoping to get video of the talk onto our youTube channels (just need to sort out the sound – lots of background noise in the con areas) So watch this space.

And what would a con be without fantastic costumes. There were many. Here’s just a few:


And I finished my secret project – my TARDIS corset (over six years to finally achieve!)

More photos can be found on my flickr page and on my Facebook page.

Photos: ©2017 Karen J Carlisle / ©2017 David Carlisle.

3 thoughts on “Oz Comic Con Wrap Up

  1. It was so lovely to share an Artist Alley street with you Karen, and to have a chance to do the panel with you as well. 😀 Hope you’re feeling better soon. ^^

    1. Thanks, Kylie. I’m working on fixing the sound on the video of the talk (con background noise is significant) so we can post the talk on our webpages/youtube channels. I also had a few queries on the day, as to whether we will do another talk at the next con. 🙂

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