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Photo Friday: A Good Yarn

The weather is cooling (and I can breathe again). It’s time to start crocheting another set of octoscarves. (I sold my last one at Oz Comic Con.) Randomly picked – green first. Of course, it is a must to wear the appropriate t-shirt…

My phone fell out of my new bag (not putting it in that section again) and cracked. It was a tense Easter long weekend, hoping it was the new-beaut glass like screen protector (always had the plasticy ones before). Went to the local phone store. Huzzah! It was just the protector. Back to the cheapy screen cover for me (they bounce better).

There’s been much talk about the Labyrinth sequel touted as being in pre-production (as long as it is NOT a remake/reboot or whatever. You can’t improve on David Bowie.) Family time this week: played the Labyrinth board game. (We beat Jareth!)

Today, I’m attempting my first live video post on my FB event celebrating steampunk (if I can wangle the tech). Wish me luck. Lynne will be talking about Australian steampunk authors (at around 10.30am Central Australian Standard Time) and I’ll be doing my bit at 2.00pm.

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Letting My Imagination Go

It is that time of the month again where I can play out of character, carrying a sword and lusting for adventure. Yep – D&D Gaming Day. Not the computerised version that many gamers play (I was told by my daughter that it is called tabletop gaming these days) but good (ye) ol’ ‘grab the books, the 20 sided dice and the character sheets’ and have some fun using my imagination.

It is a load off my brain to have someone else setting the story and setting the rules; if the DM (now GM I am told) says it is so, then it is so! I do love writing but this gives me a chance of making things up as I go along but not having to keep track on the plot, clues or character development. I just let my imagination go and someone else has to pull the plot line together and make sure it makes sense (if, indeed, the DM wants it to make sense at all.)

So I spent the evening having a rollicking hoot and did not have to worry about the consequences (all in my imagination) or complicating the plot and how to fix it went when went off to do our own thing (I was not writing the thing). Not my problem.  Ah, bliss.

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