I should have learned the first time.

Finally, I'm done. I've been sharing photos on Friday for some time now. Many are taken on my phone. Not long ago I had a phone scare. It just decided not to restart. I lost contact details, videos and photos. Many are not replaceable. I was devastated. I was determined to backup my phone more regularly. This week the phone started playing silly buggas again (following a recent phone update). This time I was a good girl and tried to back up my data. But the back up program kept crashing. I decided to manually transfer my photos to my computer (and am now backing up these up). Three hours later... I've finally started backing up the transferred files to the external hard drive- that's 5, 385 items! Yep, I take a lot of photos and video. Sigh. Here's some bonus pics I had forgotten I'd taken:


I'm off to find a heat bag for my shoulder; it's frozen up from all the mouse clicking, after looking at so many irreplaceable memories (many too embarrassing to share. Trust me.) Finally I think I've learned my lesson. Next thing: I'm backing up all my writing. Again. On the external hard drive and three USBs. Is that overkill?

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Photo Friday: Viola Stewart is returning!

On the weekend I did the photo shoot for Journal #3 - The Illusioneer and Other Tales. Here are a few photos from the day. Thanks to my wonderful model, Zena Alliu (Khaleezi cosplay) - our Viola - and Terry Brown, from Dragons Blood Creations, for the gorgeous outfits.


A little hint of one of the eBook covers: And some of the upcoming teasers you will see: For more information on publishing dates, a first peek at the covers and excerpts from The Illusioneer & Other Tales, sign up for my monthly newsletter, Tea & Tidings. I'm at LibCon17,  Burnside Library, tomorrow, so come and say hello and find out more.

All photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

About The Illusioneer & Other Tales.

Good morning, Dear Reader, Just a short update on Viola's thirs journal of adventures: The Illusionist & Other Tales. This book, the last in this series for now, will have a slightly different format.  One of the most common comments I received by readers was that the short stories were, well, too short. (Thanks to those who contacted me - you know who you are) So now each story will be longer. This alters the format of the paperback and eBook presentation slightly. The paperback will have only three stories this time:
  • From the Depths
  • Tomorrow, When I Die
  • The Illusionist.
The eBook format will be three ebooks, one for each story (each with over 10K words, the equivalent of just one short story collection). The eBooks will be published first, starting next month, with the paperback to follow soon after. And an extra eBook means an extra cover! Today I am out in the wilds of Adelaide city photographing my wonderful model, Zena - new images, new outfits (thanks again to Terry, from Dragons Blood Creations) and a new eye patch for Viola, which I finished making today. If you see me, come say hi! Here's a sneak peek:

Photo ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.