It comes from the depths…

It’s done. From the Depths is written, edited and passed muster with the beta readers. Formatting is almost finished, then it is off into the wild with it. And not before time.

The initial spark for this story was a documentary on the Loch Ness monster – almost eighteen months ago. An idea percolated in my subconscious, bubbling to the surface in a very different form than I had first envisaged.

When last we met Viola, in Eye of the Beholder, she had survived a harrowing experience. It would take some time for the after-effects to work out of her system. She needed a holiday. I did some research on medical therapies of the late 1800s. The story was set: an Autumn dip in the cold sea waters of the North Sea was just the thing Viola needed.

Cold water bathing was a common 19th century/Victorian therapy for melancholia and panic attack. . It was an ancient practice, used by the Greeks and ancient Egyptians and still practiced in parts of Europe  today.

So how does Viola fare on her sea-side adventure? Why don’t you find out?

Viola Stewart returns for a third set of adventures.
Viola needs a holiday. But even at the beach, there are things afoot.
Seeing is believing… or is it?

(novelette length story)

Watch this space for more information for
launch date in August.

Here’s a preview of the book trailer:

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Some Sea Bathing References (web):

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