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Latest Book Review

Doctor Jack & Other Tales Journal #1:paperback compilation ebook #1 and #2

‘Set in London during Jack the Ripper era it’s nicely put together. I don’t always have the historical details in my head but Carlisle does and I trust her. I follow her author page on Facebook and I know she researches things to the nth degree. So I look at some of the history within these pages and I know it’s accurate….’

‘I also like Carlisle’s hero, or heroine if you wish to be pedantic. It’s lovely to have a female protagonist who isn’t afraid of things, one who follows her instinct, who gets into the potentially dangerous situations and only sometimes needs someone to pull her out of trouble.’
-Suzie Eisfelder

The full review is at Suzie’s blog, Suz’s Space.

Note: this book has been republished with updated title.

You can find other reviews of Viola’s adventures HERE

Doctor Jack – latest review

So, this happened today. Got a review for Doctor Jack

I just couldn’t wait til Sunday to post. I recently got an email asking if I would do a writer interview, as the blog writer was doing a recommendation for my book. Well, this was the review:

‘Karen J Carlisle has created a captivating steampunk series with her heroine, Viola Stewart – a widowed optician with a talent for detecting.

This book has the same comforting familiarity of picking up a Conan Doyle or an Agatha Christie but enough uniqueness in terms of plot and character to keep us on the edge of our leather armchairs throughout – you know by the end of the second page that you are both ‘in safe hands’ and ‘in for a thrilling ride’ – Most of us have heard the tales of Jack The Ripper but this new version goes beyond the common knowledge to reveal a chilling world of Grey-clad conspirators in which Viola must keep her wits about her if she is going to uncover the truth and survive.”

You can read the full blog post at The Curious Adventures of Messrs Smith and Scarry: Morning Cuppa – In Need of a Doctor.

Needless to say, I’m still on cloud nine! The interview is on the same blog this Wednesday. Thank you to Lou for the review and taking the time to contact me.

Photo Friday – Inktober 2016 update

Iday-1-candle-on-tablenktober is in full swing. I really need practice on my proportions and shading. It has just been too long since I last picked up my nib pen. Sigh.

Here’s a rundown of this weeks ink drawings (with a special request for Henry Collins, by my friend Sharon).

I started with a thin ink pen, and did a quick pic of one of our candles (as we had a black out) but remembered why I prefer a nib, which gives better control over varying thickness (and it swoops beautifully over the paper).

This week I concentrated on characters from my books and some steampunk ringins…
Day 2: Viola Stewart:


Day 3: Doctor Jack, Day 4: Henry Collins (my favourite for the week), Day 5: a steampunk friend (loved the pipe)

day-3-doctor-jack_copyright2016karencarlisle day-4-henry-collins-for-sharon_copyright2016karencarlisle day-5-pipe_copyrhgit2016karencarlisle

Day 6: Inspired by Eye of the Beholder: day-6-cleonopencil_copyright2016karencarlisle

Art and Photos:©2016 Karen J Carlisle.
All Rights Reserved.