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My Five Year Plan.

I have a five-year plan.

Year one (2013-14)- I started half way through the year, so I guess it is a five and a half year plan really):

  1. Learn to write to deadlines (well, try to at least) and
  2. to harden myself to rejections.

2013 was the year of the competition entries. Nineteen entries. Lots of rejections. One short-listed. I was happy with that statistic.

An unexpected (but welcome) by-product was discovering I love writing steampunk. My short listed story, An Eye for Detail, was one of my first steampunk short stories. I get to play with history, cool gadgets, feisty heroines and dashing heroes, while indulging my passion for historical costume, research and fantasy. I had already started the first draft of a fantasy novel. It is now in the drawer, waiting for me to complete my current series of planned steampunk books. I also realised I could mold my writing hours around my health issues and, though I was writing longer hours than I had previously worked, I was healthier, and more content,

Year two (2015):

  1. Continue to keep deadlines (thank you NaNoWriMo)
  2. Complete and publish my novella and try to complete my first novel. Viola’s first set of adventures is published in Journal #1: Doctor Jack & Other Tales.
  3. Learn more on the craft of writing. I have two more writing courses left for this year (and maybe more next year)
  4. To get known (the marketers call it ‘branding’) and start treating writing like a business – a career – and not a hobby. Part of this was to sort out my website and promote my name. Until now I have piggybagged on my old costuming website. Now that is changing.
  5. Set up an ABN and business name
  6. and treat this like a real job.

So far I have completed #1 (mostly) and #2. #3 is ongoing. There is always something to learn. #5 is completed. #4 and #6 are ongoing projects.

Today I am making a start on my Year Three list. I have been asked to do a talk on Writing Steampunk and Self-publishing, by local the Science Fiction/Fantasy discussion group, Critical Mass, at the SA Writers Centre 2nd September.
Yes, I am nervous. I am an introvert at heart and now I have to speak – in front of people. Again.
I’ve already started my deep breathing exercises.

Year three (2016):

  1. Do talks on steampunk, finishing, my second book, The Department of Curiosities, and starting the next installment.
  2. Make more videos for YouTube, including a book trailer for DOC.
  3. Write and publish the next journal in Viola Stewart’s adventures.
  4. start (and perhaps finish?) a second Department of Curiosities book…

Year four and five are currently under review, as I was forced to quit my job a few years earlier than I had expected. A re-evaluation of my future and career has ensued. (Well, these things are supposed to be flexible.)

Time for an announcement, adding to Year 2 #4: Welcome to my new website address:

I have redirected the new URL back to the old website address for now; I am hoping to have everything transferred by 2016. It’s time to update your bookmarks.


The Next Step in my Indie Publishing Journey

I was going to post this next week but it seems people have been finding my new Facebook page already. (thank you!) So the announcement is happening now.

Okay, so I decided to self publish. The Adventures of Viola Stewart Journal #1:Doctor Jack and Other Tales was my first foray into the madness. First in eBook formats, then as a paperback. This is not surprising, as I am also a bit of a control freak. There, I admit it. But there is something extremely satisfying looking at the final product and knowing: I did that!

I also enjoy creating things. Every fibre of my being craves to create. If I don’t create, I get grumpy. Sometimes I think I spread myself too thin – art, photography, film, costume-making and writing – and that is not including all the things I have tried in the past, or want to try in the future. Life is definitely too short.

The fantastic thing about my writing adventures is I get to use all of my interests and skills – not just writing. I get to design, photograph and create covers. I get to film and create the book trailers. I get to publish my work, in many forms, including books!

With Doctor Jack and Other Tales, I took the less complicated (and less expensive) route; I used ISBNs available to me via Smashwords, Amazon and Createspace. Technically I am still an independent publisher, but their name is on the ISBN.

Now I want more.

This month, I have taken the next step. I have registered my own business – a name to put in that blank spot labelled ‘Publisher’. I will have to acquire my own ISBNs – a relatively small cost. That is the only significant difference; I have already tackled writing, formatting, cover design and book trailers. The printing will still be via Createspace, with paperbacks sold via Amazon, Barnes and Noble and associated distributors. Ebooks will still be sold via Amazon, Smashwords and their distributors.

I am also delving into an even bigger pond. I am hoping to have The Department of Curiosities also printed via Ingram, in Melbourne. This will keep the postage down for Australian readers and open up orders to bookshops that may want to order my books. Watch this space for more info.

To complete this new phase of my writing adventure, I have a business name. Next time you see one of my books, it will be published under Kraken Publishing and you may spot my logo:

KrakenPublishing_logotitleSMALLERI even have a tagline (thanks to my Dearheart):

Kraken Publishing: Books that grab you.

FInished3_copyright_2105_KarenCarlisleThe website is up and running. Kraken Publishing is the business side of my book writing. The site will be updated with information on upcoming books, publication, events and  book-related merchandise.

This website will remain the same, with my main blog and other writerly and arty information. Have you bookmarked the new address yet?

Why Kraken Publishing?
Most of you will know my affinity for cepholapods – ocotpuses, squid. All the cool names I wanted were taken. I’ve had the icon burned in my brain for years now – the pen nib with tentacles issuing forth – I just needed to find a name I could use. Why not kraken – a juiced up ocotopus? It alludes to my preferred fantasy/steampunk genre and is actually an (almost) anagram of my name (just remove the extra ‘K’).

The Gremlins Have Left the Building.

Dear Reader,
Thank you for being ever so patient. The flying monkeys have been very naughty and chomped up my old contact email address. My Head Gremlin Eliminator has now admonished the pesky critters and fixed the problem and issued me a new contact email address. He assures me they will now behave. Please update your address books.

Tea & Tidings: You will also notice my newsletter will now be originating at my email address – karen (at)karenjcarlisle (dot) com. Thus begins my plan for world domination…

Oops did I really say that out loud?