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Another Way to Support Your Local Indie Writer

Good morning Dear Reader,

Today is an auspicious day.  <insert trumpet fanfare here>.

I decided this year it was time to take the next step in my writing career. Today is the official launch day for my Patreon page, to help fund my writing and enable me to create even better things for you.

During 2018, I will be sharing my journey as I write ‘Aunt Enid’  – a septuagenarian who loves playing bingo and fusses over her garden gnomes.  – and then return to complete ‘The Department of Curiosities’.

Find out more in my intro video or feel free to visit my Patreon page for even more details.

Come take a look. Say hello. Hang a while. Share my writing journey.

Become a Patron!

If you can’t afford to support me financially,  perhaps consider signing up for my monthly newsletter, Tea & Tidings (due out first week of each month), or commenting on my blog posts here.

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Current Work-in-Progress – The Aunt Enid Mysteries

Good morning everyone.
Now we have all settled into the new year, I can announce my current work-in-progress is a modern fantasy set in Adelaide.
This was an unexpected detour but is proving to be a pleasant one.
‘Aunt Enid: Protector Extraordinaire’ is a new genre for me – a cosy paranormal mystery (I found out this was a thing after I started writing…)
Daemons, fairies, magic: it’s all real.
The Otherworld is bleeding through the cracks in its shell.
And Adelaide is ground zero.
Something is coming. Something dark – trading souls for passage. And only one person stands between the Dark and the fate of the world.
Aunt Enid is just your average seventy-something year old. She loves to cook, is a regular at bingo and spends hours in her garden, talking to her arm of garden gnomes and fussing over the colour of her hydrangeas…

When people start disappearing, her great niece, Sally, is drawn into a secret world and soon discovers her great aunt is a Protector Extraordinaire.’
Then I am back to work on a new steampunk adventure series, ‘The Department of Curiosities’ – a steampunk tale of adventure, a heroine, mad scientists, traitors and secrets.
All for the good of the Empire.
A new information page on The Aunt Enid mysteries has been added to my webpage. This will be a duology, and the first of four books in The Otherworlds fantasy series.

Illusioneer Update and a Bonus Short Story

Good morning Dear Reader,

There’s been a lot happening over the past few weeks. First, an update on ‘The Illusioneer & Other Tales’, then a link to a bonus (so far unpublished) short story of mine.

The manuscript for Viola’s last set of adventures, The Illusioneer & Other Tales, is completed and edited. The galley was proofread by my busy elves.

Now the final page count was finalised, I could format the cover spread.
Both were sent to the printer and I’m waiting for a proof copy before I can order the first box.

The Illusioneer’s ISBN has been allocated and it’s now listed on the National Library database (Trove/CiP). This is what it will look like on your shelf with the others <shameless plug>.

But there’s more:

a bonus excerpt – the first chapter of my next steampunk adventure series, ‘The Department of Curiosities‘ – with new characters and a new look.
(The story starts in 1883 and is set in the same alternative world as ‘The Adventures of Viola Stewart’.)

I bought a new ring to mark the end of my first steampunk mystery series – one stone for each book.

This month’s Bonus:

Penny, from The Adventures of Messrs Smith and Skarry, asked me for a short story. It will feature on her blog this week.

You can read Waking  HERE.

Photos and short story ©2017 Karen J Carlisle. All rights reserved.