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Photo Friday: Visuals- Book Trailer & eBook Cover Reveals

Good morning everyone,

I’ve been busy this week, using the images from last week’s photo shoot. And here’s the covers reveal for The Illusioneer & Other Tales. This set of adventures has three eBooks, one for each story (each over 10K words). From the Depths and Tomorrow, When I Die will be available in August. The Illusioneer will be available in September.


And the book trailer…

Photos and video (c)2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

Photo Friday: Through Her Eyes

My friend, Marianne had a get together on the weekend. She currently has her artwork on display at Greenacres Library (Adelaide metro). If you are interested in her work, contact her on her Facebook page: Chaos Original Art.


We had snacks and were encouraged to attend in steampunk attire.


And for those who like moving pictures, here’s a video of the day:

Photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. Group photo ©2017 Matthew Pilkington. All rights reserved.

Photo Friday: It’s Covered.

I took a trip down memory lane this week: #Whoviansau (ABC2) did a shout out for Doctor Who art. I delved into my fanzine collection and found these covers I had done for Blacklight (Gallifrey Doctor Who Appreciation Society fanzine), circa 1994.

Breathing in all that dust was not a good idea. Hello sinus infection and bronchitis. Ugh. On a more positive note, I found a replacement dress dummy at Salvos (a fraction of the cost of a new one).


I am soldiering on with my writing (more on that in Sunday’s post). I have a deadline looming and I can’t disappoint you, Dear Reader.

This week I’ve been wrangling convoluted timelines… Thank goodness for whiteboards.

And here’s a sneak preview of one of the elements planned for the cover of The Illusionist & Other Tales: Journal #3.

Photos ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.