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When you can’t wait for that chocolate cake fix…

Hello, my name is Karen and I’m a chocoholic.

You could say I haven’t met a chocolate I didn’t like (well, as long as it’s dark chocolate) but that isn’t entirely true. I’m not too fond of chocolate hot cross buns. There it is. My deep dark secret.

What is true is when I get a craving for chocolate cake, I can’t always wait thirty minutes to an hour! Thank goodness for the chocolate mug cake recipe. Chocolate cake. In a mug. In about five mintues.

There are several recipes for mug cakes on the internet. Most are in US measurements. (insert sad face here). After trying a few, I came up with my own version, converted them to metric, reduced the sugar content and upped the cocoa. More chocolate!

The great thing about this recipe is in about five minutes you get steaming hot chocolate cake – and very little washing up. (Always a bonus).

You need:

  • a mug
  • a microwave
  • 4 tablespoons of self raising flour
  • 3 tablespoons of sugar (the originals called for four or five!)
  • 3 tablespoons of cocoa
  • 3 tablespoons of milk
  • 3 tablespoons oil (I use olive oil as it is healthier)
  • 1 egg (I use freerange or backyard eggs)
  • splash of vanilla to taste
  • 3 tablespoons (or more if you want) of dark chocolate chips. This is optional.

I’ve made a video to show you how easy it is:

Best of all, If you cook from scratch you can use healthier ingredients, such as olive oil. You can reduce the amount of sugar and use free range eggs. Most of all, you can avoid added artificial colourings, flavourings, sweeteners and preservatives.

Have a go. And enjoy.

Book Trailer: Introducing The Adventures of Viola Stewart

I set up a Youtube channel last year. I had great plans. It has sat empty. Until now.

This month I tackled the beast and managed to work out the computer-y stuff and upload my very first Youtube video. It features a tea duel – the first recorded in Adelaide – held at last year’s Teanannigans.  The steampunk event was part of the ‘Biggest Australian Morning (we did an Afternoon) Tea’ to raise money for Cancer Council.

Onto my ultimate plan:
After a few photograph sessions (Thanks to my wonderful friends who agreed to model and provide props), I had the raw images for my vision for a book trailer. You can read about them in My Plans are  afoot and The Faun, the Trekker and the Steampunk and Book Cover Reveal.

for blog post

(I will just take a moment to thank SpiralOut at Deviant Art for the corner cogs used in the promo above and fartoolate at Deviant Art for the use of some brushes used to make some images in the book trailer.)

What is a book trailer?

A book trailer is like a ‘video flyer’. It can provide an easily share-able snippet – which the MTV generation created the appetite and the Y-generation have embraced. It has the potential to make our work accessible to a different audience – and potentially large audience, if shared on Youtube. The trick is to make it look professional, make it express the book and to make it short.

VIDEO BT 150315

A crash course in another new programme (my old video programme is out of date) and here is my first ever book trailer:

Introducing The Adventures of Viola Stewart
Three short stories  introducing my favourite character and some of her early shenannigans.

I have enjoyed putting my passions of photography and film to good use and plan to make more. What do you think?